Committee members

Mark Gillman
Contact our President

Elected annually at the AGM.

Miles Griffiths
Contact our Vice-President

The Vice-President supports the President in that role.

Matt Creagh
Contact our Treasurer

Treasurer is responsible for all Club financial aspects, including membership fees and regalia payments when received from the Membership Managers and Regalia & Assets Manager.

David Chapman
Contact our Secretary

The Secretary is responsible for receiving all correspondence, written and electronic, record keeping, preparation of Club and Committee Minutes and Correspondence.

Regalia & Assets Manager
Karen Gordon
Contact our Regalia & Assets Manager

Responsible for the procurement and delivery of any SCCQ regalia as shown on the Regalia page. Please contact about any items shown.

Membership Manager
Keith Gordon
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The Membership Manager is responsible for all aspects of New Member welcoming and introduction to the club as well a maintaining the Membership Register and communicating financial status and dues. The position is currently held / shared by Keith and Karen Gordon

Michael Dwyer
Contact our Webmaster

Maintains the Club's web site at the technical level, and with general content.

Works with other Committee members with particular responsibilities EG Membership Manager.

Liaises with website developer.

Email & Facebook
Rod Hibberd
Contact our Email & Facebook

Communication to members via email & Facebook

Non-Committee positions

Club Captain
Gary Hawkins
Contact our Club Captain

The Club Captain records members' points for attendance at Club events.

Magazine Editor
Carole Cooke
Contact our Magazine Editor

The Editor is responsible for collating, formatting, presenting and distributing the Monthly Sprite On Magazine. The Editor is always looking for interesting content. Contact the Editor directly if you have anything to contribute. Contributions should be sent / received at least one week prior to the monthly general meetings.

Catering and Raffles
Michael Dix
Contact our Catering and Raffles

This position organises the yummy food at meetings and events, and the prizes for raffles held in conjunction with them.

Currently held by Michael and Pauline Dix, 2022 and 2023

Gold Coast Representative
Gary Stevens
Contact our Gold Coast Representative

This position is the Gold Coast chapter contact, for meetings, outings, and events, and for reporting to the monthly general meetings.

Sunshine Coast Representative
Chris Thwaites
Contact our Sunshine Coast Representative

This position is the Sunshine Coast chapter contact, for meetings, outings, and events, and for reporting to the monthly general meetings.

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